You are currently viewing 18 REASONS TO VISIT ARMENIA

Every season in Armenia has its bright colors, beautiful nature and amazing aromas.
Each season has its own significance – the snow-white winter wonderland, golden autumn, colorful spring or sunny summer with many aromatic and delicious fruits and vegetables.
The ancient land of Armenia is waiting for you to explore its rich culture and traditions.

Here are 18 reasons to visit Armenia.

1. Admire the mystical nature and breathtaking views
2. Try the local food
3. Enjoy Armenian hospitality
4. Ride on the wings of Tatev (The longest cable car in the world)
5. Souvenir shopping at Vernissage
6. Travel with family
7. Safe place for the whole day
8. Learn how to bake lavash bread
9. Try Armenian wine and brandy
10. Explore Alive History
11. Observe the stars at the Byurakan Observatory
12. Take a photo with the first letter of your name
13. Immerse yourself in rich culture and traditions
14. Walking in Cascade
15. Trekking to Dilijan National Park
16. Join festivals and events
17. Experience Extreme sports
18. Explore winter Armenia