Armenia is not a very popular travel destination. Some people do not even know where the country is situated. Others know very little about Armenia and that is why our country still remains an undiscovered mystery. What are the things that amaze tourists visiting Armenia? Today I had a talk with my friends about it and here is what we have discovered:

Standards of living
That’s true that Armenia is still a developing country and standards of living are not on the highest level. But they are far from being on the lowest level either. Tourists sometimes “see” Armenia as an extremely poor and undeveloped country, where people have never seen a PC and have never heard of internet.  Things that amaze tourists are means of transport (especially the underground), number of cafes and restaurants, quality of service and so on.

Armenian girls
Girls and women in Armenia are very dressy, no matter where they are. In Armenia high-heel shoes, stylish dresses and nicely done hair are not for special days. You can meet nicely-dressed girls at schools, colleges and even in the supermarkets. This type of dressing is not very common in the world especially in the western part. The eyes of tourists are not used to the beauty of Armenian women. 🙂

Level of English language
When tourists try to ask something in the street they are often afraid that no one will understand them. But this hardly happens. Many Armenians especially the youth have excellent English language skills and will readily help tourists. Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and German are also common in Armenia as foreign languages.
Hospitality is the characteristic feature of Armenians that differentiates them among others. Armenians are exceptionally guest-loving nation. They are always ready to help foreigners in any way they can, give them shelter, food, tell them about their home-towns, accompany them and show them the places of interest. And they do it with a smile in their faces, a smile that is not taught, but comes sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.
Armenian food is something that makes visit to Armenia a must-have experience.  Tourists speak more about the unforgettable taste of fruits and vegetables. Armenian national food is another thing to remember in Armenia. Even bread itself has a special taste and smell.