Armenia is a place where hospitality still matters, and where there is no such thing as a stranger, where the first words used by new found friends in introducing you to others is “our guest” and the second, “my brother” or “my sister”.

Feel at home in the modern comfort of Armenia’s cities, or in the warm welcome you might get at a village or hamlet, when cupboards open, hot piping coffee is served (or a bit of something stronger), and grandmothers treat you as one of their own.  The welcome you receive is genuine; the interest in you is real.

Even if your tour is prepared in advance or you are part of a group, you can still be greeted as a member of Armenia’s extended family by passersby and locals coming out to greet you as one of their own.

Whether you are a first time visitor or returning to visit family and friends, Armenia welcomes you with open arms.