Armenia becomes an excellent touristic destination for spending holidays, and even leisure time for a large number of visitors. And moreover, Armenia is also a wonderful country to simply enjoy life. Do you want to know the reason? Over the recent years Armenia’s cultural life has changed noticeably; at present, there are more than twenty different festivals are held throughout the year. Armenia’s festivals have become highlights all through the year!

Armenian folk festivals are being celebrated around almost everything: snow, water, fruits, wine, dishes. These festivals bring Armenia closer to its visitors, who get to know the country and its culture, participate, taste, be entertained, and collect memorable impressions, never regret for their time and money.  
If you are interested in food and you want to visit Armenia at the end of the summer, then you will get to the Mulberry Festival (July), the Honey and Berry Festival (August 13) and even the Tea and Coffee Festival, which will be held in Yerevan on 28 and 29 September.

Festivals in Armenia diverse. They include wine, songs and dances. On September 2 you will be happy to join the Armenia’s Wine and Culture Festival, the Areni Wine Festival welcomes you on October 6, and the Sevan Music Festival on August 11.
Beer lovers will feel wonderful in Armenia. According to Xenophon, the first strong beer was made by the inhabitants of the Van Kingdom. And only many centuries later the tradition of making strong beer was revived by the northern peoples of Europe.
The Beer Festival waits for everyone on August 18-19.
Have you ever heard of the Festival of Rural Life and Traditions? You can take part in such an event in Armenia! Welcome to Yerevan on September 15! For those who love shish kebab and travel, can take a drive to Akhtala, Lori on August 18-19!
The festival “1000 Years Village Life” will be held on August 25 in Armavir district, in the village of Pshatavan. During the festival, villagers will help you learn more about arts and crafts and country life. Since Mount Ararat is very close to the village, you will have the opportunity to enjoy taking photos with Ararat in the back, if the skies are clear, and learn about Noah’s Ark.

And one of the most important holidays is Yerevan‘s birthday! A great event, which in this year, in 2018, it will be celebrated on Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, 2018. A grandiose holiday for elders and young people – 2800 anniversary of Armenia’s Capital!
Now is the time to acquire tour packages to Armenia and spend holidays!  The weather is pleasant, it is one of the best seasons for traveling in Armenia.
Organize round trip across Armenia and enjoy festivals of the country!