I want to share with you an informative and well designed, well-thought-out blog on traveling to Armenia.   In a simple and easy to read format themes are presented about Armenian music, Culture, Churches and Monasteries.  In short blog entries, tourists can read news and information about traveling to Armenia. 

There are topics on poetry, music and art,  talking about Duduk, museums of Yerevan, Komitas Quartet.  The highlight of the Armenian mountains section in mount Aragats.  It is featured also in a movie posted on ArmeniaTravelBlog’s YouTube Channel:

The description on the blog says: “Armenia is an epic land… Beautiful mountainous landscapes, numerous cultural and historical monuments of Armenia would never leave one cold!”

And I agree with the author. 

Here are photos from author’s Flickt photostream, showing Aragats mountain climbing adventures:



I am only wondering why the blog hasn’t been updated since February 2010.