I watched a dance (see posted at the end of this note) and emerged in a thought which wanted to share with you.  This is what came to me while looking at the brave and strong movements of young men, with the audience joining into a charming choir.

It’s not about talking of the topic that harms us Armenians to the deep.  It is not about why we Armenians had been spread out away from our home country, working hard to keep the identity, and making our kids speak “Hayeren”.  It’s not about the numbers, and geographic locations of the Armenian Diaspora, and that we are more outside than inside Armenia. Its not about wars, hardships, hungers, killings.  It is not about today’s economic crisis, strange unemployment and closure of small businesses, which leads to increase of Armenian Diaspora Community.  Yes, Diaspora is our pain; we really hoped to be all together in Armenia, talking, thinking, breathing Armenian, struggling to build Hayastan!  However, I want to share a thought that is in my heart deeply appreciating everything which happens in our nation’s history; good or bad, turning into good for all of us and for even all of the world.

This note is about the Power of Diaspora. I’ve been to many countries, Israel, Russia, US, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, etc. When people ask me, what I saw and what I experienced, do you know, what I say?  I meet Armenians; I meet them allover the world, in small and large cities, in provinces, villages, cultural places, dining areas, in the streets. They all talk about Armenia, they all want to know how is Armenia doing, they keep their vacations and try every year travel to their homeland.  Yes, Hayastan is their homeland, strong backing.  You don’t know, but if something happens to Armenia, their homeland, they all will stand to protect, pray and support.  Whatever happens to us Armenians is to the best, if we stay in Faith and keep our Love.

What do you think, when you watch them?