Eating out is a pleasure in Armenia; ingredients are fresh and wholesome (much of it organic by nature), and the choice of menus, especially in Yerevan, is impressive.  Whether your tastes run to traditional Armenian, sizzling buts of grilled BBQ, nouveau cuisine, or something a little more international, Armenia has an eatery to satisfy your taste buds.

Eating establishments are as varied as their menus; from simple bistros, cafes and fast food joints through formal dining halls, elaborately decorated restaurants and high-concept “food complexes”.  Many pride themselves on offering unique décor, service and menus.  A trip to Armenia would not be complete without trying at least one of each type.  Armenian food is “not macdonaldized”, mentioned by a foreign tour operator.

I found a Facebook page Armenian Food is the Best with the most “delicious”, I’ve ever seen, Armenian food photos.