If you happen to visit marz Aragatsotn, do not miss the chance to visit the “treasure” of the region. Between the villages of Yernjatap and Hartavan, on the right bank of river Kasagh you will find the small, modest monastery.

The Monastic Complex was built during the 4-13th centuries. The oldest church is St. Astvatsatsin built by the Gntuni’s in the 5th century).

In the beginning of the 13th century the church was reconstructed by the Vachutyan’s. It was then that the Monastic Complex was established. The second church in the complex was also initiated by the Vachutyan’s.

Near the Monastery you can find tombstones and cross stones (khachqars) of XII-XV centuries.

The good news is that today the Monastery is being reconstructed. Hope it will not lose its simplicity and the mystery of the ancient years after the renovation works.