September 1 is an excitement for children, students, parents in Armenia.  Some employers even give a day off to parents who have first grade pupils, because everyone gathers around the schools and watch children so wonderfully joyful with their beautiful eyes open, want to see their kids’ first serious step towards growth.

Schools, Universities, Collages, all together start their academic year, and Yerevan decorates even more by multiples of pupils and students, talking, walking, discussing their new studies, teachers, friends, and with the colors of flowers, schools bags, held by school kids.  The most excited are the first graders.  Their eyes are so curious, so happy, so hopeful and open.

Let us only watch them in the class, where they all share what they know on their very first step entering new life of study, accomplishment and growing!

We want to share here 2 minutes video of a class of 2008 in the School # 161.  Look at these kids!

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