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Foreigners have shown interest in Armenia for a long time. Even decades ago, they would visit for medical treatments and sightseeing. In recent years, due to geopolitical changes, foreigners are coming to Armenia for business activities or long-term residence, thus increasing the demand for real estate purchasing. This growing trend is no accident. Living in Armenia is quite appealing because our country has a developed economy, education system, culture, and healthcare. Just the perfect conditions are created here for both living and working.

Armenia’s real estate and foreigners

Armenia’s real estate market is open to foreigners who wish to live or invest here. The government of the Republic of Armenia does not foresee any restrictions on foreigners, who are willing to purchase residential or commercial properties. The only exception is agricultural land, which has specific restrictions and needs special procedures for acquisition.

How to buy real estate in Armenia?

If you are planning to buy real estate in Armenia (apartment, private house, commercial property, existing business), you can manage the process on your own or with the help of a trustworthy real estate agency. We particularly recommend foreigners to work with an agency, because experienced agents are familiar with all the practical nuances of purchasing a property and can help you throughout the various stages of the process:
– choosing a property that suits your intentions and budget
– negotiating with the seller, verifying property documents
– drawing up and concluding the contract
– payments (property value and additional charges, such as notaryfees)

Additionally, we should note that you don’t need to live in Armenia permanently to buy real estate here. You can purchase real estate in Armenia and have your own roof anytime you want to visit, be it just for tourism or any other purpose.