different musical instrumentsArmenian Culture is known worldwide. Music, architecture, painting, historical heritage have great value in Armenia and in the world. During hundreds of years they have been inspiring and influencing remarkable writers, musicians, painters and sculptures, as well as millions of people all over the world. Ancient Armenian churches attract hundreds of thousands of believers and tourist. Armenian music sounds in most honored Hollywood films. Armenian duduk touches with it unique sounds hearts of anyone, who just ones heard it. Dances, each movement of which is full of meaning, are blowing away.

Old traditions and old beliefs  walk hand in hand with progressive modern lifestyle. This makes Armenia a unique country to travel to.

Deep in Armenian culture from oldest times to nowadays with us in our blog posts.

Armenian Music

A Journey with DudukMaster.com Armenian music holds a diverse and vibrant tradition that traces back to ancient times. Manuscripts from centuries ago contain songs dedicated to mythical and historical heroes, reflecting…

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