Armenia’s second largest city of Armenia is Gyumri, (soviet name Leninakan), and also historically called Kumayri. Well known by its humorous people, easy-going, talkative and friendly.  Best about all, is the “can do” nature, which makes it possible now to share with you possibility to develop conferencing tourism there.  It has been challenge first to find facilities for 120 professionals both to have serious dialogue and discussions and to move smoothly into the atmosphere of party and fun, and socializing.

All the equipment and furniture for the workshop were arranged in a great setting or a complex called Oasis. It is located with a large and clean park in Gyumri center, roofing part of the park without cutting any tree or plan there.

Registration of the workshop participants was done before the entrance, and showcasing companies’ posters and brochures nicely lined right after the entrance in the hall surrounded with plants and trees.

Conferencing area was comfortably arranged in one of the rooms, and chairs, tables, microphone, screen and all the equipment were provided.

Social interactions with colleagues and participants of the conference in a green setting right outside of the conference room.

Fun after the hard work 🙂