The outdoor market is located right next to the Republic Square, active only on the weekends, colorful, crowded, live.  Vernissage attracts almost every visitor of Yerevan.
This is where you see the talented people, displaying their amazing handiwork right on the ground or on wooden stands.  The buzz of the negotiators exclamations and discussions in different languages occupies the atmosphere.  There people not only make their living, they create and maintain the taste of the craftsmanship, making the whole experience historical and personal, real and ancient at the same time.

They also learned English and you can hear them telling the price of an item and bargaining and arguing the value of their merchandise.  
There are dolls with Armenian national costumes, silver and gold jewelry, nativities made from wood and obsidian (a glass-stone), chess, vessels, large and small statues, embroideries, toys, carpets…

Visiting Vernissage is a must, if one is interested in people, interaction, fun, buying great gits and taking warm memories of  Yerevan capital life.