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“Dilijan” National Park is one of the greatest wonders of the magnificent nature of Tavush, which occupies 33,765 hectares, is located in the basin of Aghst և Getik rivers, at an altitude of 1070-2900 meters above sea level. This green beauty was established in 1958 as a state reserve, and in 2002 was transformed into a national park.


It is distinguished by rich flora and fauna. Its area includes both historical and natural monuments, rivers, lakes, caves, recreation areas.

More than 970 plant species grow here. The fauna also is diverse and rich. As many as 49 species of mammals “live” in the park (Caucasian brown bear, wolf, otter, deer, mink, forest cat, moon, etc.). The dawn of the national park is welcomed by 147 species of birds, the sound of which awakens 19 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, and 9 species of fish coexist peacefully in the pools of the park.


In the territory of “Dilijan” National Park there are also Parz Lake and Gosh Lake, mineral water springs, 473 historical and cultural monuments, including Haghartsin, Goshavank, Matosavank, Jukhtak Monastery, Aghavnavank.

The National Park supports the development of eco-tourism by providing tents, sleeping bags, binoculars, compasses, etc. for that purpose.