Visiting Armenia in winter and doing a road trip has always been in the bucket list of tourists. The best time to visit Armenia for snow is December. Since Armenia is home to a number of breathtaking tourist destinations, renting a car would be the ideal choice to explore the amazing terrain and some places in the countryside that will be difficult to reach.  Enterprise can offer you optimal vehicle type just suited for winter conditions.

Weather in winter in Armenia

Winter in Armenia starts from the very beginning of December or sometimes at the end of November. However, winter is short-lived and typically the weather is considered calm.

In the month of December daytime temperature in Yerevan varies starting from -5 until 5 C.

Armenia frequently experiences snowfall (does not take too long) transforming the capital city into a magic winter.

Starting from January, you can already notice a subtle drop in temperature and it may snow in Armenia more commonly. When it comes to temperature in Armenia in February, it is warmer and you start feeling the coming spring just until the end of the month.

Roads in Armenia

Total road length of the Armenian road network constitutes to approximately 7700 km. The roads are mainly asphalted and are generally drivable. It is said that driving around Armenia is safe with highways being in a pretty good condition, still you will find  some sites where you may find some challenges. However, with reliable car rental service it will become highly accessible.

Useful tips for winter driving in Armenia

Please follow these guidelines once planning a car journey:

  • Winter tyres are a must when going to the countryside. If you hire a vehicle with Enterprise throughout winter, keep in mind that our cars are fully switched to winter tyres (with no additional charges).
  • Be wary to go on a ride across towns overnight.
  • Some routes taking to the countryside can be in bad state, so make sure to drive carefully. If you want to go to the countryside, Enterprise recommends you to hire an SUV (4×4) suited best for winter.

Armenia road trip

Armenia has a truly magical wintertime. Winter tours in Armenia are quite popular and it will be a good idea to try  at least one of them.

Winter activity 1- Trip to Tsaghkadzor resort

Tsaghkadzor is quite popular among extreme sports lovers not only with its ski trails but also its ropeway and zipline. You do not have to worry about skiing equipment as you will be provided with the required facilities for you and your family. Another spot worth visiting is Tsaghkadzor cable car and the zipline. This can be an ideal stop for those who are thrill-seekers and enjoy active way of spending their holidays.

Winter activity 2 – Enjoy Armenian national dishes

When visiting Armenia, no journey will be complete without tasting typical Armenian food. Among them, most popular winter dish is ‘Khash’ – known as the ‘Armenian winter soup’. It is seasonal meal and Armenians used to eat it during cold season, especially in winter. It is usually served in the early morning. As winter comes, people rush to the restaurants to taste the delicious soup, following Armenian traditions and celebrating with friends and family.

Winter activity 3 – Take a tour to Jermuk

Another well-known tourist spot in Armenia during winter is Jermuk. Similar to Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk also has a ski center equipped with all of the essential amenities. The newly constructed cable car offers a number of activities for holidays makers who love adventures and adrenaline.

If you plan to drive to the mountains in winter, visit ancient churches and other sightseeings, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will help you choose the right vehicle. For winter, we recommend hiring an SUV for your ultimate safety and comfort.