Each holiday has its own characteristics and unique beauty. In Armenia the holiday is felt in the air, in high spirits and even in the views of people who pass by. Easter is the holiday of the whole family. Earlier in Armenia, this holiday was called differently. “Red Sunday” or in Armenian “karmir kiraki”. The blood of the crucified Christ is the basic idea underlying the celebration of Easter.

Easter means separation, remission of sins and return to God. Easter in the Armenian Apostolic Church is one of the important church holidays. The resurrection of Christ became the basis of Christian teaching and faith. Christians around the world celebrate this bright holiday.

The Armenian word “Zatik“, which means Easter, appears to be from “azatutyun”, “azatvel” (“to be released”) and means getting rid of suffering, evil and death.

And why do people paint eggs on this day? In many religions, the egg is considered to be a symbol of resurrection, because it contains the seed of life.

The egg used to be painted only in red, which was a symbol of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Some people saw the symbol of peace in the egg. There is the following explanation: “The shell reminds the sky, the colorless layer under the shell – air, protein – water, yolk – earth. And red means that the world is redeemed by the blood of Christ. ”
Today, eggs are painted in a variety of colors.
Mandatory dish on this day is also a pilaf with raisins, which has long been considered the embodiment of the land on which we all live. Raisins are those people who believed in Christ and followed him. The fish is also served to the festive table. And, of course, you cannot see an Armenian table without greens… Salads, flat cakes from greenery – all this is an obligatory attribute of the Armenian festive table from year to year.

Welcoming each other on the day of Easter, Armenian Christians say to each other: “Christ rose from the dead!” – ” the Resurrection of Christ is blessed!”

In churches you can see festive liturgies, a lot of people, solemn fuss – all completely immersed in the mystery of a unique spring holiday.
So, if you have decided to visit Armenia in the spring, then be sure to see how Easter is celebrated. The soul will be full of bright hopes, faith …