What eco-tours are offered in Armenia?

Ecotourism is acquiring new dimensions and finding new routes. Arriving in Armenia,  any tourist immediately asks: “Where can I see what I have not seen? And where is the most interesting thing? “
Unequivocally we can say that there is such a place on the map of Armenia and it is called Urtsadzor, located in the Ararat region.

In the village of Urtsadzor, a number of environmental activities were recently conducted with the assistance of Sunchild and the Wildlife Conservation and Cultural Values ​​Fund. For example, an eco-education center was established in the village, where local residents can attend interesting courses in natural resource management and ecotourism.
Various programs have been created for the development of walking and horse riding routes, restoration of guest houses has been carried out and new working vacancies have been created. There are also numerous ecological activities, such as planting trees.
In the village of Urtsadzor, a lot of work was done on the making of electricity and heating by solar panels. In addition, the village conducts environmental courses that contribute to the awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources, the preservation and development of ecotourism.

But to everyone who craves fresh air, new ideas and simply the vastness of the whole universe, must definitely visit Artsakh.

On December 7, 2014 in the village of Noragyukh in Artsakh, a presentation of the creation of an eco-village was held.

In Artsakh there are all conditions for the development of ecotourism. Construction work began in 2015, and qualified specialists were involved in the full implementation of the project. Revenues from tourism make it possible to optimally use resources and promote the development of  industry and agriculture.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits, thanks to the development of ecotourism, Armenia is now regarded as a country with developed ecological tourism.

Eco tours to Armenia are becoming a more popular tourist destination. And this makes sense: residents of big cities are tired of constant fuss and a polluted environment, they prefer to relax  enjoying the picturesque nature.

And all this is possible in Armenia.

Eco Tours in Armenia