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A spa is a place where mineral water, sometimes sea water and other resources are used for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation. Day spa was always required and nowadays it is considered to be one of the most popular businesses. 
There are many modern spas in Armenia, which offer very effective therapies. The grape and wine spa shall give you an opportunity to feel the magic strength of the Ararat valley sweet grape. Sinking  into the wine bath, you will feel the energy of the Armenian sunny grape, which makes you strong and young. 
Armenian famous “Wine and Grape SPA”, situated in Yerevan, offers you grape and wine bath. It has magical effect on the skin. Still in ancient times the queens used masks and cream made of grape and wine. Your body shall acquire beauty and freshness in the grape and wine spas. It is very effective to have grapeseed peeling, grapeseed oil masks and massage after the grape and wine steam bath. 
wine and grape spa
 Facial steam bath is made of the grape, wine, grape leaves. It shall widen the skin pores, improves the facial skin metabolism, the blood circulation, contributes to the prompt removal of the died cells. 
 Grape masks  have tightening, renewing, wrinkles removing, skin refreshing effects as there are many useful substances in the grape and wine. Of course, for different types of skin are used different types of grape and wine. After that a grapeseed oil facial massage is coming, which has  positive effect on the skin. It removes  nervous tension and improve the blood circulation. It helps to lose the extra weight and has anti-cellulite properties. 
We all  know about healing mineral water of Jermuk. Annually thousands of tourists come to Jermuk for healing purpose.

mineral water spa

 Jermuk “Armenia” Health Spa Hotel is situated in the very heart of Jermuk city. This hotel offers treatment of various diseases, such as gastrointestinal tract diseases, diseases of liver, gall-bladder, gynecological illnesses.

Aya Maria Spa center offers steam bath, peelings, wraps and other SPA services.  Traveling made easy by SPA tour organized by Sputnik.
  “Avanta SPA”offers various massages and therapies. Foam massage with bath peeling on a warm marble table and soapy massage stimulate circulation and tones the skin.

oil spa

Firming wrap, one of the most popular spa treatment, seems to be women’s favorite one. It helps to eliminate the cellulite and fight against excess weight. The high content of salt and algae mineralize and strengthen the issues. 
firming wrap spa
Indian head massage is an effective form of massage. The main movement of the massage is rubbing by which the specialist affects the scalp, neck and shoulders.
Foot and leg massage can help reduce stress, accelerate blood circulation. It calms the muscles of the feet, reduces pressure on the toes.
Sport massage is another form of massage, it restores the body after intense physical stress. It has intensive effect on the blood vessels and an increase of muscle strength.
Thai massage has thousands years of practice of curative effect on the human body. Thai massage is concentrated on the relief of human senses because its impact on various acupuncture points along the energy lines of the body.
stone spa
What about famous stone therapy! It is based on the temperature and energy impact of stones combined with elements of reflexotherapy. 54 black hot and 18 white cold stones are used during the procedure. 
I think you agree with me that aroma massage is a great pleasure. Due to aromas and natural essential oils you feel a deep relaxation. It restores your mental clarity, reduces stress, makes skin elastic and beautiful. Relaxing music and fine fragrances, scented candles activate whole body energetic system and create an aura of comfort and harmony. 
aroma spa