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What is the southern part of Armenia?

Administrative Structure

Syunik is administratively divided into several communities, with Kapan being the administrative center. Other important towns include Goris, Sisian, and Meghri, each offering unique cultural and natural attractions.

Exploring the south of Armenia offers a blend of stunning natural landscapes and rich historical sites, making it a captivating destination for tourists.

Modern Day Syunik

Today, Syunik remains vital for Armenia not only due to its cultural and historical sites but also because of its economic contributions, particularly in mining and agriculture. The region is also an emerging destination for eco-tourism and adventure tourism, attracting visitors with its natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching.

Geographical Features

Syunik is characterized by its rugged mountains, deep gorges, and a variety of ecosystems ranging from arid landscapes to lush forests. The region is home to Mount Kaputjukh and Mount Khustup, which are popular among hikers and nature enthusiasts for their scenic beauty and biodiversity. The Vorotan River, one of the major rivers in Armenia, also flows through this region, contributing to its varied landscape.

South of Armenia Destinations

Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery: This 9th-century monastery is a gem of medieval Armenian architecture. Perched on the edge of the Vorotan Gorge, it offers breathtaking views and a sense of ancient spirituality. The monastery complex includes several buildings, notable for their architectural and historical significance. The “Wings of Tatev,” a cable car providing access to the monastery, offers one of the longest aerial rides in the world, spanning 5.7 kilometers across the gorge, making it both an attraction and a practical transportation method.

Khndzoresk Cave City: This historical cave village is a fascinating site, offering a glimpse into past lifestyles. The cave dwellings, some still equipped with the original doors and windows, were inhabited until the 1950s. The modern suspension bridge that spans the gorge provides stunning views and connects the old and new parts of the village, adding a touch of adventure to the visit.

Shaki Waterfall: Located in the Syunik region, Shaki Waterfall is renowned for its picturesque beauty. Standing 18 meters high, the waterfall is set against a backdrop of lush forest and rugged cliffs, making it a popular spot for both relaxation and photography.

Shaqi Waterfall

Hin Khot: Known as the ‘Armenian Machu Picchu,’ Hin Khot is an abandoned village that offers a rare historical intrigue. The village, built into the cliffs, has a mysterious aura and is accessible via a challenging trail, providing a rewarding experience for adventurous hikers.

Arevik National Park and Shikahogh State Reserve: These protected areas are crucial for biodiversity conservation in Armenia. Arevik National Park is one of the largest biosphere reserves in the country, home to a variety of ecosystems and rare species like the Caucasian leopard. Shikahogh State Reserve is the second largest forest reserve in Armenia, largely untouched and home to many species not found anywhere else in the region. These parks offer trails and the opportunity for wildlife observation, appealing to eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts.

Each of these sites provides a different perspective on the natural beauty and historical depth of Armenia, making the south of the country a rewarding destination for those looking to explore beyond the typical tourist paths.

Places to Stay in Syunik

Visitors to the south of Armenia can find a range of accommodations. Goris often serves as a convenient base for exploring this region, with various hotels and guesthouses that cater to different budgets and preferences. Options range from comfortable budget stays to more upscale hotels, with many providing easy access to local attractions.

Here are some very comfortable and cozy places to stay in key locations:

Goris: Often used as a base for exploring southern Armenia, Goris offers several charming hotels and guesthouses. Options range from budget-friendly guesthouses like Mina Hotel, which provides a homely atmosphere, to more upscale choices such as Mirhav Hotel, known for its traditional architecture and comfortable amenities.

Kapan: As one of the larger towns in the region, Kapan has a mix of accommodations. Dian Hotel Kapan offers more modern facilities and conveniences, suitable for those who prefer contemporary comforts. For travelers looking for an authentic experience, smaller guesthouses like Artsakh Hotel provide local charm and personalized service.

Sisian: In Sisian, visitors can find accommodations like Hotel Basen, which is highly rated for its location—perfect for those planning to visit the nearby archaeological sites and natural attractions. The hotel combines comfort with an opportunity to explore the rich landscapes and culture of the area.

Eco-Resorts and Campsites: For those interested in nature and eco-tourism, the region offers several eco-resorts and campsites. Arevi Hotel and Campsite in Areni is one such option, providing both hotel rooms and camping facilities, ideal for those wanting to immerse themselves in Armenia’s stunning natural environment.

Boutique Hotels: For a luxurious stay, boutique hotels such as Old Goris offer uniquely decorated rooms and exceptional service, capturing the historic spirit of the area with modern comforts.

These accommodations provide various amenities, from basic services to luxury offerings like spas and gourmet restaurants, ensuring that visitors can find a comfortable place to stay while exploring the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes of southern Armenia. Each option offers a unique way to experience the local culture and hospitality, making your stay in the region memorable.

For those looking to explore beyond the usual, the southern region offers a mix of cultural depth and natural beauty, with plenty of opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. Contact AMTRAVEL and enjoy!