On Friday 25th of March they opened their doors in Garni.  This was a joint project between the Ministry of Economy and UNESCO office.  The Garni Visitors’ Center is in the House of Culture, on a small square, about 200 meters away from the temple.  After the presentation we toured in the area.

First we visited the temple, which also now has a crafts store and booths with goodies and sweets made by the locals.  The gates were crowded with Iranian, was windy and cold.  The gorge was magnificent, as always.  Now entrance ticket is required for getting in.

Next stop was at Geghard, where the priest was uncomfortable with the crowd of Iranian, who had to be shown how to behave in the Monastery.  The local people here were ready too, with the music, goodies and crafts, even the crafts seller speaking Persian language 🙂

Our guide was Alina, “garnetsi”, mean from Garni, and she was brilliant.  Vaghinak, the head of the Visitors’ Center prepared another show for us: lavash-baking, and which was more important for hungry people, – eating barbecue and fish. The dinner was decorated by the “Shvi player” and Priest singing Komitas.

Success and green way to the Garni Visitors’ Center.  This was a nice and also promising start.