Need to find peace and heal yourself in the quiet? Not too far from the town of Dilijan, Haghartsin is a must place to visit. It is one of Armenia’s most famous monasteries, where amazing nature and the beautiful architecture combine perfectly.


Being part of the Tavush region, it should come as no surprise that Haghartsin is located near mountains and trees. Armenians like to build churches virtually everywhere, be it a town, or out in the nature; it usually turns out to be a mesmerizing piece of work. And Haghartsin is no exception.
The beauty of Tavush’s nature is something to see with your eyes and to experience for yourself. Standing in front of so many trees and mountains with a view of a monastery complex in front of you, feels like you are almost in a movie. You feel small yet powerful to be standing between two masterpieces – the nature and the building’s architecture.
The closest town is Dilijan, and the Haghartsin Dilijan distance is about 15 minutes by car (around 12 km).


Built in the 12-13th century, Haghartsin monastery complex will impress you with its ancient history.
The legend says that the way it gained the name Haghartsin was for the two main roots “hagh” which means game and “artsiv” which means eagle in Armenian. It is believed that an eagle was flying above the dome of the monastery, and playing around it, and that is how the name was derived.
As an ancient monastery, Haghartsin has undergone through a major renovation in 2011. It now has clearly paved road leading to it, gift shops are around, and it is way easier to take a short trip to the monastery, if you are staying nearby in Dilijan.


The Haghartsin monastery consists of three churches: Saint Astvatsatsin (the main church), Saint Stepanos and Saint Grigor. Saint Astvatsatsin has a layout of looking like a cross. It has adopted the style of an Armenian domed church, rising with four arches, with no columns.
The monastery also has two gavits (one being severely ruined), chapels and some cross stones (khachkars).Be sure to also check out the most fascinating part of the monastery – the refectory.
No matter time of the year it is, Haghartsin is always a great idea to visit and reflect in the nature. This beautiful monastery with an impressive architecture is also a treat for a curious mind. Wherever you visit in Armenia, make sure the monastery is on the list – book your trip with Caucasus Holidays today!