Armenia is indeed a mixture of different “cultures” in the sense that each region, each town and village has its unique culture, its own customs and traditions. Karchevan (one of the smallest villages in marz Syunik) is not an exception. Despite its modest sizes, it is among the must-see places of Armenia.

The village is located in valley on a small hill surrounded by huge mountains. The climate is very mild and has healing features. Karchevan is distinguished by the small cozy houses with slanting roofs. Every corner, every street, every house, everything in the village is so harmonious that it seems they are all part of nature.

The population of the village is very small – about 350 people, and I guess all know each other. This feature also adds its own spice to Karchevan and makes the village a unique place. The majority of the population is specialized in cattle farming, viticulture, horticulture and sericulture.

People in Karchevan also have their characteristic features. They are usually very courteous, well-bred and hospitable. Their houses are very neat and clean.

The small St. Astvatsatsin church (17-18th centuries) “decorates” the village. It had been closed for several decades and served as a storehouse for grass in the Soviet era. Fortunately today the church is renovated and serves its purpose.