Imagine a fairy-tale nature of the dark forest in the mountains, tall trees and clouds that stuck in the trees, impassable trails, torrents of mountain rivers, steep slopes and … a cave.

The picturesque valley of Hachahbyur river to the west from Ijevan, Armenia, called Lastiver, is amazing in its beauty. Lastiver is not just a cave in the valley of Hachahbyur River, but also an area surrounded with forest, river and waterfalls.

The name of this cave is translated from Armenian as “up the raft.” Why such an unusual name?

There is a common explanation. The cave is located on the slope of a very steep gorge. The villagers of the Yenokavan village had to build a log ladder to be able to get to the gorge, which is located three kilometers from the river Hachahbyur. The staircase was like a kind of a vertical raft, on which people went up and down in the gorge. So the name of this place became popularly known as Lastiver – “up the raft.”

The peculiar terrain, waterfalls, green forests make Lastiver a favorite tourist destination. Surely, only the lazy did not happen here. It is noteworthy that Lastiver remains a popular destination for many years.

Lastiver causes interest among archaeologists and historians, as well as local residents and tourists.

People with different interests come to Lastiver and always find everything they need. Lovers of beautiful scenery get remarkable experiences and share them with friends. Photographers come seeking unusual frame. Families and friends come to the picnic. Tourists and lovers of hiking the mountains often set tents and stay for a few days. In summer it is cool here and people come to relax from the city heat and stuffiness. In the winter explorers can see the beauty of the forests in the snow, and have an opportunity to exercise extreme mountain hiking. Extraordinarily beautiful 

Lastiver is in the autumn, when the forests are full of all sorts of colors – from bright green to burgundy red.

Noteworthy is also the history of the caves. There is a belief that in XIII-XIV centuries in these caves local people hid from invaders. After a close examination of the drawings on the rocks of the cave, you can see the entire scenes from their life. Lastiver leaves a deep lifetime impression from a trip to Armenia. Its beautiful nature – caves, gorges, forests, waterfalls, and, of course, rocks, rocks and rocks again will never leave you indifferent.