Meghri town is situated in Marz Syunik near the Armenian-Iranian border. Meghri is one of the most economically developed towns in Armenia.

Food industry is mostly developed there: the town has a bakery, a cannery and a winery.

Visiting Meghri you can visit a number of beautiful and interesting places, the Meghri fortress (17th century), St. Astvatsatsin church (17th century) and Meghri Monastery (15-18th century) among them.

Meghri is considered to be the “sweet” part of Armenia. Due to its comparatively mild climate the town is famous for the unique taste of its fruits, especially fig, pomegranate and persimmon. Other fruits, like peach or pear also stand out with their taste. 

Nature in Meghri is another thing to admire. It is a wonderful harmonious combination of rocky hills and green fields.