Our luxurious life in South Africa 
We come from a beautiful country where we had everything, our own businesses that was doing very well and was growing rapidly, a house, two vehicles, a motor bike and a very luxurious life, whereby we could go on holidays and for long drives when ever sees fit, we came from a country with beautiful roads and sites that will take your breath away and that will leave an imprint in your heart, buildings with exclusive designs inside and out and many many races and cultures that our country calls the rainbow nation, country called South Africa, so we have decided to give it all up, we sold everything and gave up everything that we once used to call home.

Amazing Armenia!
We are Christians and are very blessed to have the Almighty God’s blessing with this new venture in our lives. My husband originally comes from Armenia and we have visited this amazing country three times before with him, so here is the question…Why did we choose Armenia? Because for me and my family Armenia is a first world country…. with such unthinkable mind blowing kindness and nothing but a welcoming nature from a complete stranger that offers a helping hand where ever you go.
Water completely for free around every corner with a taste so sweet like natural spring water with a dash of syrup from a flower. With extra tasty natural fruits, veg and meats and nothing but freshness. With mind blowing ancient churches with a significant architecture and ora, with forests that overflows with greenery, lakes, and a big city life that lights up the nights and an unthinkable amount of people walking freely on the streets with no fear but pure freedom. With an affordable lifestyle and education of only top standards.
We are very blessed to be part of such a rich country and hope that we can spread the word and touch hearts with our story and give a little bit back to the community…that is so deserving. Welcome to Armenia! God Bless this Armenia!

Story of Aric and Zenobia
Besides Aric and Zenobia enjoying living in Armenia, they are also putting effort as a family as much as they can make Armenia better place. They start from painting a school class to inspire people to contribute. They have dream to make Armenia greater and greener, also to get Armenia recognized as the first Christian country!!!

To learn about Aric’s and Zenobia’s project, please visit OneWayTicketArmenia donation website.