Laurent Nadeau, my husband and I Louise Aznavour began our love affair with Armenia about 10 years ago. I was invited to give a series of workshops at the American University of Armenia (AUA). The caliber of the students was remarkable. Enjoyable experiences accumulated over the years as the invitations to offer volunteer professional services to companies and even consulates became part of our ‘excuse’ to go back to Armenia.

Jonathan’s relaxation

Since then Armenia has pulled us back multiple times. Each time we stay about 5-6 weeks and play the role of volunteering professionals as well as grateful tourists. Laurent, a successful entrepreneur and a highly seasoned traveller is totally enamoured with this mesmerizing country and especially its people. He freely offered his positive opinion during one of my seminars (visit You Tube – Louise Aznavour Channel )

Relaxation from seminar

At every opportunity, I believe, Laurent will find reasons to organize vacations in Armenia. He loves the people, enjoying extremely good and clean food as well as seeing pretty sites. Most of all we love arts and each night it is possible to find an activity from going to Opera (in an impressive Opera House ) with quality productions or attending a Jazz Concert or strolling in the streets  filled with boutiques and lovely coffee houses. Laurent says to his friends and colleagues: “Take me back to Armenia/Yerevan anytime.” And that rings good to my ears. It is unfortunate that I have kept us away from Armenia for the past while being so busy with the publication of my e-book “Goodbye Stress – Hello Success” 

This part of the world is addictive especially with the intellectual and emotional depth it provides. It is time to go back. Armenia is calling!

 Dr. Louise Aznavour, PhD Psychologist Montreal – Canada