In a few days the summer holidays will be over and the new academic year will welcome Armenian students. The summer holidays – the longest but always short, sometimes boring but always expected. The holidays will be over and students will hurry to schools and colleges. On the first of September thousands of alarm-clocks will ring early in the morning to awake thousands of students and school-children.

The first of September, which in Armenia symbolizes the beginning of the academic year, is also a national holiday in Armenia: Armenians celebrate the Knowledge Day. The most interesting thing about this day is the preparations for the first day of school. Parents usually get new snow-white shirts and blouses, new shoes and schoolbags for their children; girls get new haircuts, buy stylish notebooks, pens, pencils and other stationary.

Classes in Armenia usually start at 9 a.m., and at 08.30 the streets are already full of cars and people hurrying to school. The 1st of September is definitely the most favorite day for many people, as it is not a usual school day, but rather a day for welcome, for telling each other about the experiences they had in summer. After the classes most students do not hurry home. They often get together in cafes or restaurants to celebrate their special day.

This year Armenian schools will welcome more than ten thousand first-grade pupils. They too will hurry to school with huge bouquets of flowers, to hear the first ring of the school bell and to make their first step to the undiscovered world.

September is coming.  So say good-bye to summer and get your notebooks ready!

Wish you all good luck and new achievements in the new academic year.