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Armenia is a beautiful country with something to offer in every season, but spring is a truly special time to visit. The snow melts, revealing vibrant green fields and painting the rocky mountains in a soft, velvety green. Armenians are famous for their warm hospitality and festive spirit, and spring is no exception.

Festivals Galore:

  • February: The Snow Art Festival in Jermuk transforms mountains of snow into incredible sculptures. Enjoy ice skating competitions, winter parties, and delicious Armenian wine under the starry sky.
  • March-April: Celebrate Women’s Month with Armenians! Throughout March and April, Armenian cities hold events and celebrations showcasing love and appreciation for women. Expect beautiful decorations, countless flowers, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Womens international day

May: A Month of Celebrations:

  • May 1st: Join the lively festivities on International Worker’s Day. Streets come alive with music, dancing, and a joyful atmosphere.
  • May 9th: This day holds a special place in Armenian hearts as a triple celebration: Victory Day (World War II), Liberation of Shushi (Artsakh Republic), and the formation of the Artsakh Defense Forces. Witness military marches and other events, particularly in Yerevan’s Republic Square.
  • May 1st & 2nd: Don’t miss the Yerevan Wine Days festival, a perfect start to May. This year also coincides with a celebration of renowned Armenian painter Martiros Saryan’s 140th anniversary.
  • May 28th: Celebrate First Republic Day, a national holiday commemorating Armenia’s independence.

Armenian Wine

Foodie Delights:

  • May 24th: Immerse yourself in the International Tolma Festival near Zvartnots Temple. Witness chefs from renowned Armenian and international restaurants compete for the title of the best dolma maker!

Beyond the celebrations, spring offers a perfect time to explore Armenia’s natural beauty:

  • Hike breathtaking trails and witness stunning landscapes.
  • Visit ancient monasteries and historical landmarks bathed in the warm spring sunshine.
  • Sample fresh, local produce and indulge in delicious Armenian cuisine.

Armenian cuisine Tolma

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable spring adventure in Armenia!

Source:  AmTravel Tour Company