Vacation planning is always nice. And if you have decided to go to Armenia, this is the right choice! Spring is mild in Armenia. Rains fall out infrequently.
It’s nice to take a walk in the evening in Yerevan. Cascade, Northern Avenue, Victory Park – everything says about the coming of spring…
You can make a tour of historical places and enjoy not only the beauty of nature, but also the masterpieces of Armenian architecture. Sardarapat, Khndzoresk, Amberd, Zvartnots…

And the storks come back from warm countries, they do not forget their nests… How pleasant it is to see and to feel! And you can simply fly on a paraglider and breathe the fresh air… Spring, it is in the clouds, and at the foot of the mountains, and in the vast meadows. Lovers of adventure can ride on the cable car and come directly to the picturesque Tatev Monastery.
Harmony created by the hands of man and the wisdom of nature. What can be more unique? And you should try the dishes of national cuisine in the fresh air,  with the breeze. An amazing combination of enjoyable and useful.
Rest in Armenia in the spring is also a huge number of health resorts and sanatoriums. Stepanavan becomes especially popular in spring. It is a mountain-climatic resort known for its pine forests. Essential oils that are distinguished by coniferous trees have strong bactericidal properties, so Stepanavan mountain air impregnated with pine scent is useful for patients with respiratory system problems… Especially you breathe in coniferous forest in spring, when pine releases special volatile substances – phytoncides, they disinfect air.

The emitted essential oils, when combined with oxygen, form ozone which has a healing effect on the human body. Spending time near the coniferous forest, you will noticeably make your immune system strong and healthy!

The advantages of rest in Armenia are so many, the choice is yours. “A spring day is a sweet word”. It is not only a proverb…  In Armenia  you will feel this  in a special way.
Visit Armenia! Spring Tours 2018