Summer in Armenia 2018

Summer in Armenia is unique for its variety. You can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the country and learn about the history and culture.
Most importantly, you will break away from the daily bustle and immerse yourself in a unique world of adventure, living history and positive emotions.
Summer in Armenia is the right to choose what the soul desires…

In summer, the most popular excursions are around the country with a visit to Yerevan and Lake Sevan, where you can stay in a fashionable hotel near the lake. 
There is always a rental of catamarans in Sevan, here you can also try Armenian national dishes in cozy cafes and restaurants. Such tours in Armenia provide the opportunity to stay in the same hotel, without moving, and also the possibility of moving to another hotel, depending on the chosen route.

Health Tours To Armenia in summer


The first half of the day can be occupied by designated procedures, and in the afternoon you can make excursions to interesting places nearby.You can choose a wellness tour. “You are healthy – you are wealthy”.
Sanatorium treatment in Ankavan, Arzni, Jermuk, Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor is the opportunity of admiring beautiful natural landscapes and getting health improvement with the help of such natural factors as mineral water, mud, peat, air.

Gastro Tours To Armenia in summer

A tour to the historical places of the country can be combined with an acquaintance with the Armenian national cuisine.

Armenian people are very concerned about the process of preparing national dishes.
Tanapur, harisa, ghapama, khorovats, zhngyalov hats, khashlama, khash, tolma – all this will tell you about the amazing history of the Armenian people: each dish is a special story.
Visit the sights of Armenia, which are objects of Unesco World Heritage: the monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, the churches of Echmiadzin and the archaeological monument of Zvartnots, the monastery of Geghard and the upper reaches of the Azat River.
You can get acquainted with the unique Armenian culture, visit the rock monasteries on the shore of Lake Sevan and a medieval fortress, visit the main Armenian shrines, see the majestic mountains and bubbling rivers, stroll down the friendly streets of Yerevan.

Extreme Tours To Armenia in summer


Adventure lovers can relax in the picturesque place of Yenokavan in summer and take a trip on the zipline, visit the rope park, fly down on a paraglider, try to be mountaineers or simply take advantage of the opportunities of a bicycle tour in the mountains.

And the longest cable car in the world (5752 meters), which is in the Guinness Book of Records!

What feelings do you have when flying in a rush over the gorge of the Vorotan River? Energy, inspiration, faith in simple human opportunities…

In Armenia, there are so many places to rest – this is unequivocal!

Visit Armenia and make sure!
The choice is yours!

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