Susan and Liz wanted to see the new developments in the Southern Corridor of Armenia, where Tatev Revival project is taking place. We drove all the way from Ijevan to Goris, to overnight for the purpose. What happened in Ijevan, is a different story, I will share it in another post.  We took Salim Mountains pass, where the caravansary is.  14th century “hotel and restaurant” setting! I will write about it too.

Next day we started at about 10am.  When we were boarding, Susan wanted to get in to cabin as soon as possible, to take the front view.  However, we were late and took the back seats. Not happy?  Yes 🙂 However, it was amazing!  You know, we took the world longest tramway; 5.7-kilometer (3.54-mile).

Anapat from the tramway

Halidzor was down there and all the other rural areas, villages. Anapat (desert) where the Armenian scholars used to read, pray and write in isolation. They say now the villagers of this areas can take the tramway for free.  For the rest of us it costs 3000AMD ($8).  Group leaders have free pass, too.

The cabin was full, we even had a wonderful baby boy, who was sleepy and crying 🙂


 You see desert and Halidzor village? Like from the helicopter, correct?

Was very windy and the cabin was swinging on the down slopes. Tjey say, it is safe and strong construction. Mondays they stop for maintenance. 

It took us 11 minutes to get to Tatev Monastery. Do you see it? 9th century Monastery a UNESCO World Heritage candidate.

Tatev Monastery from the tramway