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Travelers have different travel preferences, however they have one thing in common, which is to travel by car in Armenia discovering the cozy corners of the country and feeling the refreshing air of the magnificent mountains. They also like to stay in Yerevan and have a trip to Yerevan nearby sights. Here are the best places to visit in Armenia preferred by our lovely customers.


The first checkpoint is Yerevan, where you can drive around the city, feel its atmosphere and vibrant colors. Drive around Republic Square: here are located the “Singing Fountain”, “The National Gallery of Armenia” and “The History Museum of Armenia”, Marriott Hotel with its engraved arched windows, Abovyan and Nalbandyan streets are two out of five of the oldest streets of Yerevan, Mashtots Avenue is one of the busiest streets of the city, here are located many important cultural and historical infrastructures such as Matenadaran, the temple of Armenian books, The Opera House surrounded with cozy cafés and restaurants, 2800 fountain park dedicated to Yerevan’s 2800 birthday, the Blue Mosque and so on.


The second checkpoint is Tsaghkadzor. This cozy town is the choice of those who prefer active rest. Here you can try skiing, snowboarding, swimming and other sports. Tsaghkadzor is always waiting for its visitors ready to offer from bars and cafes, restaurants and spa centers to hostels and luxury hotels of any taste.


Etchmiadzin is usually chosen by those who want to explore the history and immerse themselves into the depth of the centuries. The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is the first Christian church in the world. It is also under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage site.


Khorvirap was the prison where Gregorius the Illuminator was imprisoned for being Christian. Second, here you will find a 7 th century monastery that is functioning till now. And the last but not the least from the fences of the monastery you can see the Biblical Ararat Mountain where the Noah’s ark was landed.

Lake Sevan


Lake Sevan – The blue pearl of Armenia is one of the biggest reservations of freshwater in the world. To get to this checkpoint our customers like to rent an SUV, as though the highway from Yerevan to Sevan is flat but to move around the lake you need to drive on the sand.

Garni & Geghard

Of course, our customers like to visit both the pagan temple of Garni and the Monastery of Geghard famous with its healing springs. Garni is the only standing Greco-Roman structure in the entire Post Soviet countries. While as Geghard built in the 4 th century is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

There are many car rental services in Yerevan, you can book online or renting a car right from Yerevan airport. Enjoy your trip in Armenia.