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Looking for some bright adventures for your winter holidays? Then we are offering you some winter attractions and at least 5 activities that you should be part of.

There are so many amazing places to visit in Armenia; Dilijan, Gyumri, Sevan, Kapan and other cities. During the wintertime, the temperature ranges from -15C (5F) in the mountainous regions to -4C (39,2F) in the pale regions. There is plenty of snow and it’s way too chilly as well. Pack your suitcase with some warm clothes, buy a ticket to Yerevan, rent a car from Yerevan airport and let the adventure begin!

Adventure in Yenokavan

Yell is an extreme park founded in 2015 in the village of Yenokavan, Tavush province, Armenia. It is 142km (88,3m) away from Yerevan. Here you can try extreme sports without being a professional. If you want to feel the swift speed, then you should try Zip-Line. There are 5 different lines; the length of which varies from 135-750m (443-2460f). You can find interesting activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, paintball and many more. If you want to relax, there is a cosy rest area, where you can also play table games such as chess, monopoly, Uno and several others.

Skiing underneath the sun

If you are the one who loves skiing, then Tsaghkadzor is the best place for your winter
holidays. It is 50km (31m) away from Yerevan and offers a perfect atmosphere for every
ski and snowboard lover. The mountainous skiing season is open from the end of
November and continuous till mid-April. The ski resort is located 1750m (5741ft) above

the sea level. There are several ropeways, sport complex, swimming pools, stadium
and other sports facilities, as well as bars, beautiful restaurants, cafes that offer both
national and international cuisine. Also Tsaghkadzor is a city that has many luxury
hotels and spa centers.

Armenia – land of mountains

Armenia is the land of rocks and mountains, thus there are no restrictions for mountain
routs and mountaineering. There is no need to talk about the magnificent view that
opens in front of you when you are on the top of a mountain. Hatis 2528m (8293ft) and
Arai 2577m (8454ft) mountains are the most famous destinations that mountain
climbers usually take. But with proper preparations it is also highly recommended to
climb mount Aragats 4090m (13420ft), which is the highest point in Armenia. Also
Aragats is famous with some restaurants that offer Armenians’ beloved Khash,
traditional Armenian winter soup.

Family always comes first

If “yelling”, skiing and mountain climbing is not the exact thing that you are looking for, then Jermuk is the perfect suit for you. Enjoy the calm evenings with a warm cup of tea and an engaging book. This amazing town with its healing waters is situated 173km to the south-east from the capital Yerevan. Here winters are snowy and soft. While in Jermuk, you can have some unforgettable precious memories with your family by making a snowman, playing snowballs or even snow sledding. Then you will surely appreciate spa, massage or the swimming pool combined with healing waters and mineral water baths.

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