Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, full of rich history and
beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of things to see and do in Armenia. This
undiscovered country of the Caucasus holds gorgeous natural scenery and hidden-
away towns just waiting for visitors to explore. If you are planning for an adventurous
trip, the best way is to rent a car and explore Armenia on your own pace.

Self-Drive Itineraries

To explore the whole of the country, many tourists prefer to take Self-Drive Tour in
Armenia. Also, there are tourists who want to take a self drive to Armenia and Georgia if
they want to visit 2 countries at the same time. Self-Drive Tour is a fantastic way to
experience Armenia with freedom and flexibility. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is
doing everything to suit a variety of budgets and preferences, each itinerary covers a
number of outstanding attractions and places of historic significance.
Rent a car and pick-up your car directly at Zvartnots International Airport, get your
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Driving restrictions in tourist destinations in Armenia

Before starting your trip, we want to make sure that you know about driving in Armenia,
driving possibilities in Armenia and some touristic sights that may have challenges for
drivers to get to.
Traveling in Armenia is completely safe. The landscape is just really nice to drive
through with enough interesting stops. Regarding the quality of roads in Armenia, they
are in a good condition. The main roads in the country are very good to excellent.
Potholes in Armenia are highlighted with paint, making them much easier to see.
There are several sights in Armenia where you will find challenging to go by car. The
roads are rocky and steep, so it will be difficult to go to the top attractions by car.

 Here are the top tourist destinations which are difficult to pass by car, so we want

   to make sure that you are prepared for the trip.


Sight #1: Sevanavank

The first sight is Sevanavank Monastery. It is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula,
surrounded by Lake Sevan from all sides. So if you want to get to the monastery, just
leave your car nearby and use the 220 stairs.

Sight #2: Khor Virap

The second place that you’ll need to walk or hitch a lift the rest of the way is Khor Virap.
Once in the chapel, you’ll notice two stairways descending to pits on either side of the
altar. The stairway to the right side leads down to the small pit where Gregory the
Illuminator was kept during his captivity, where the braver amongst you can descend
the 27-step iron ladder to experience what it must have been like to live for so long in
this stuffy, damp underground cavern of only a few metres long.

Sight #3: Old Khndzoresk

Old Kndzoresk is a historic cave village, located on the steep slope of the gorge. There
are many must-visit places in this area such as the swinging bridge (63 meter high and
160 meter long) and the cave settlement. At the top of the gorge there is a parking area
for cars and buses. You will need to take some refreshments with you if its a hot day,
because you will have to descend some 400 stairs before reaching the suspension
bridge and the cave.

Sight #4: Geghard

The last top destination well-known for its rocky sights is Geghard located along the
river Azat gorge, on the amphitheater-like slope of steep rocks. You can access the
monastery complex by a long paved road which terminates in a parking area below the
ramparts of the complex.

When renting a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia, we want to make you informed
of any tourist destinations with driving restrictions so that all the tourists have the
opportunity to enjoy their trip in Armenia without being involved in any problem or
difficult situation.