September is coming, back to school season, when our children are getting ready to get to their studies again, after long vacation and summer time rest.  Month of September associates with children, excitements of first graders, parks and streets are full of pupils, alone, in groups, with parents.  All of a sudden, Ponchikanoc (Armenian Donuts’ place) gets even more crowded, especially after classes …

Drivers should be careful, children are allover, crossing the streets, engaged in hot discussions of their new classmates, teachers, lessons.

We decided to do a quick search on YouTube and find Armenian talented, lovely, kids and share here in our blog, for fun and warmth.

Here they are 5 videos, you would love:

1.  A boy that plays duduk during a wedding.  Very professional 🙂 the guests even forget the main purpose of the gathering 🙂

2. Counting 🙂 Lovely song by Elmira and Alla.  Mek, yerku, yereq, chors …

3. Maria in the kindergarten, trying to paint a leaf, which is blown by the wind.  She tries really hard to perform and be the best 🙂

4. Maria reciting well known poem “Kikos’ Death 🙂  Gnaci vati, uneca voti … 😀

5. Oh this drummer is just very funny :)))

Little Margarita, living in Holland, she learned Armenian Alphabet and you can see how she recites the letters and how her smaller sister also wants to say something 🙂

If you could find other funny and lovely kids’ performing, you can share your videos on this blog.

Waiting to see your shares 🙂