Great!  So we are going to explore mysteries and secret sites of Stepanavan this weekend.  It’s a small city on a dramatic green plateau beside the remarkable gorge of the Dzoraget river, in Lori marz. Watch and listen to the hymn of Stepanavan. 

Stepanavan Dendropark is great inspiration and will be the highlight of the first day Dendropark is a 35 ha botanical garden full flowers, trees and plants from all over the world. It is a nice place for meditation, rest and enjoying nature. Also, it is known for healing respiratory sicknesses. Outside of the fences there is a beautiful place for picnic where we will have a snack and will continue our trip to Stepanavan. We will have a nice lunch at Stepanavan Resort II, a newly built international standard hotel and prepare for going to Dzoraget River for enjoying the evening – swimming, playing cards, badminton, etc. and enjoy barbeque. A warm discotheque will wait for us in the Resort for the night with cocktails and hot music.

Second day will start with a glass of warm coffee at the Resort and enjoying the sunrise. After breakfast we will go to Kuybishev Lake which is the only place where you see the while Caucasian lilies. There we will gather thyme, fish, pick up bulrushes and enjoy the scenery. Anahit Holiday hotel with its fairy tale restaurant is the place where we chose to have lunch – barbequed trout, chicken and enjoy the beautiful nature. Evening will be full of sight visits in Stepanavan area. We will be visiting Lori Fortress which is Xth century fortress surrounded by gorges on three sites. More pictures and stories can be viewed at

“Loretsis” treasure their local traditions, folk art and costumes, many of which are on display at folk museums at Stepanavan, Vanadzor, Kurtan and Alaverdi.  Among legends prized by locals are tales of the hunters of Lalvar, renowned for their bravery, honesty, and respect for nature.  Never taking more than was needed, the hunters maintained a balance between man and his natural surroundings. 

Written by Taguhi Sahakyan