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Armenia, a landlocked country nestled between the Black and Caspian Seas, is a beauty all year round. From snow-capped peaks in winter to sun-drenched valleys in summer, there’s something to see and do in every season. But with just one week, how do you make the most of your Armenian adventure? Fear not, intrepid traveler! This guide will help you hit the highlights and leave you wanting more.

Armenia’s Must-Visit Destinations

Even a week isn’t enough to see everything, but you can hit the highlights.
  • Yerevan: Armenia’s vibrant capital is older than Rome by almost 30 years! Wander through its ancient streets, marvel at the Cascade, and pay your respects at the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Don’t miss the Ararat brandy factory for a taste of the country’s famous spirit.
  • Garni Temple: Step back in time at this Greco-Roman temple, a unique blend of Armenian and Hellenistic architecture.
  • Geghard Monastery: Carved into the rock face, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture.
  • Sevan: Take a boat trip on this stunning turquoise lake, nestled high in the mountains. Hike to Sevanavank Monastery for breathtaking views.
  • Dilijan: Nicknamed “Armenia’s Switzerland,” this charming town is surrounded by forests and dotted with mineral water springs. Hike to the “Symphony of Stones” for otherworldly rock formations.
  • Khor Virap: This historic monastery is where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years. Climb to the top for panoramic views of Mount Ararat, Armenia’s national symbol.
Your must-see list should also include Sevan, Dilijan (Armenia’s little Switzerland), Khor Virap, Noravank, the Cave of Birds, Areni, Jermuk, Tatev, Khndzoresk, Gyumri (the cultural capital), and the Lori Province’s gems – Odzun, Haghpat, Sanahin, and Akhtala.

Trip to ArmeniaYour Budget for a Week in Armenia

The cost of a week-long stay in Armenia varies according to personal preferences. Armenia is a budget-friendly destination, with affordable accommodation, transportation, and food. You can choose from basic guesthouses to luxurious hotels, depending on your preferences. Excursions and activities also range in price, so you can tailor your trip to your budget. Nevertheless, even the most luxurious tours are reasonably priced, given that Armenia offers remarkably informative and affordable tours.

Guided Tours to Armenia’s Most Interesting Places

Armenia, known as one of the world’s oldest nations, always surprises everyone with its stunning beauty. This country is filled with hidden gems in every region. Even places you’ve been before will seem different each time you visit, thanks to their rich, ancient history. You can find a variety of exciting and educational tours on our website, suitable for all kinds of budgets. Remember, these tours will give you just a glimpse of Armenia’s vast history. To truly understand Armenia, you need to travel through all its regions, try the local food, taste Armenian wines, and experience the famous cognacs. After all this, you’ll truly know the unique beauty of Armenia, a country unlike any other.
Source:  AmTravel Tour Company