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What is Armenia most famous for? 

Armenia, is a beautiful country with a rich history. There are many surprising facts about Armenia:

  • Mount Ararat, the symbol of Armenia, is located in Turkey, despite its prominence in Armenian culture.
  • Armenian Lavash, a delicious flatbread, is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Lake Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus, covers a sixth of Armenia’s territory and is home to the stunning Sevanavank monastic complex.
  • The world’s oldest winery was discovered in a cave near the village of Areni in Armenia in 2011.
  • Skiing is possible in Armenia, Tsakhkadzor, the country’s main ski resort, offering affordable skiing options.
  • Armenia is the homeland of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cher, Charles Aznavour, Andre Agassi, and Serj Tankian, the founder of System of a Down.
  • More Armenians live abroad than in Armenia due to the mass emigration caused by the Armenian Genocide.
  • Yerevan, the capital, predates Rome by 29 years and is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities.
  • Armenia boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the cathedral and churches of Echmiatsin, the monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, and the archaeological site of Zvartnots, along with the monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley.
  • Armenian cognac was Winston Churchill’s favorite drink, gifted to him by Joseph Stalin during World War II.
  • Armenian athletes have a strong legacy, winning Olympic medals in weightlifting and wrestling, showcasing the country’s strength.
  • Armenia celebrates its alphabet with a monument near the resting place of Mesrop Mashtoc, the creator of the Armenian alphabet.
  • The “Armenian Stonehenge” or Zorats Karer, an ancient site in Armenia, predates the British Stonehenge by at least 3,500 years and may be one of the world’s oldest astronomical observatories.

Explore this remarkable country to uncover these intriguing wonders firsthand.

Armenian Lavash

 What is famous to buy in Armenia?

 Planning to get souvenirs from Armenia? Here are some great ideas for unique gifts!

  • Discover the exquisite taste of Armenia with its famous wines and brandies, a perfect way to bring the country’s essence home with you.
  • Enjoy the natural sweetness of Armenian dried fruits and fruit leather—a healthy and delicious treat!
  • Decorate your home with beautiful Armenian carpets, showcasing the country’s artistic heritage through intricate designs.
  • Experience the soulful melodies of Armenia with a duduk, a traditional musical instrument made from apricot wood.
  • Enjoy quality time with friends and family by playing chess or backgammon with beautifully crafted handmade sets.

These special souvenirs will capture the spirit of Armenia and become cherished mementos of your memorable trip.

Armenian Duduk

What is Armenia most famous food?

 Armenian cuisine is a reflection of the country’s geography, history, and locally grown produce. Here’s a list of Armenia most famous food dishes during your visit to Armenia.

  • Dolma: Traditionally prepared with meat, rice, herbs, and spices wrapped in fresh grape leaves.
  • Khorovats: In Armenian, “khorovats” translates to grilled meats or barbecue. chunks of bone-in meat grilled on skewers, made with either lamb or pork.
  • Lavash: Armenian cuisine relies heavily on this thin and soft flatbread.
  • Ghapama: The pumpkin is hollowed out and filled with boiled rice, dried fruits such as apples, apricots, dates, plums, and raisins, along with nuts.
  • Khash: This dish is prepared by boiling parts of a sheep or cow, such as the feet and head. It’s a common dish not only in Armenia but also in countries like Georgia, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Iran. Interestingly, it is often considered a remedy for hangovers.
  • Gata: A popular Armenian pastry found all over the country, with different regions having their own versions in various sizes, shapes, and decorations.
  • Harissa: Harissa is a hearty porridge crafted from roasted or dried cracked wheat and rich, fatty meats like lamb or chicken.
  • Basturma: Basturma is a flavorful, air-dried smoked beef, seasoned with a mix of spices like cumin, garlic, hot paprika, and pepper.


What are Armenians proud of?

 In the year 301 AD, a monumental event unfolded in Armenia-the declaration of Christianity as the official state religion. This pivotal moment marked the construction of a significant church in Etchmiadzin.

Armenians, steeped in history and tradition, hold immense pride in their homeland’s association with Mount Ararat. According to biblical accounts, this majestic peak is believed to be the very spot where Noah’s ark found rest after the great flood, adding a profound layer of spiritual significance to Armenia’s landscape and cultural heritage.

Source: Sara Voyage