We all have guests from abroad, and we need to arrange a tour of Yerevan’s sights for them in a limited time frame. Let’s highlight the places you should definitely visit while in Yerevan.

Republic Square is not just a central square but also an architectural complex comprised of four buildings constructed from pink and white tuff. These buildings include the History Museum of Armenia, the RA Government, the General Post Office, the “Armenia Marriott” Hotel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the former Ministry of Energy. From May through the end of September, extending into early October, six days a week in the evenings, visitors can delight in the luminous effects of the singing fountains, where water jets dance in sync with musical masterpieces. To conclude the water show, the renowned Charles Aznavour’s composition “Une vie d’amour” (Eternal Love) is played.

The Northern Avenue serves as a pedestrian street that links Republic Square to Liberty Square. Along this avenue, you’ll encounter upscale residential buildings, elegant and costly boutiques, souvenir shops, as well as stylish restaurants and cafes. Some liken it to the Arbat, where you can find artists offering to create your portrait, street musicians performing various instruments, and more.

Freedom Square is situated adjacent to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, and on the opposite side, you’ll find the expansive concert hall of the Aram Khachatryan Philharmonic. The surrounding area is dotted with cafes. In the center lies Swan Lake, its shape resembling Lake Sevan. During the warm seasons, the lake comes alive with graceful white and black swans gracefully gliding across its surface, and in winter, it transforms into an outdoor ice-skating rink.

The Matenadaran, the Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, offers a glimpse into a remarkable collection of unique medieval manuscripts (approximately 23,000), rare books in Latin, Greek, and other languages, as well as ancient maps and illustrations.

Both the “Ararat” and “Noy” brandy factories each boast their own storied history. A tour of these factories includes a stroll through their cellars and the opportunity to partake in a tasting experience.

And this represents just a fraction of what the city center has to offer. Venturing a bit further, you’ll arrive at a park housing the Tsitsernakaberd memorial, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Within the complex, there’s a museum-institute where every plaque and document serves as a testament to the tragic events of that era.

If you proceed in the opposite direction through the park, you’ll arrive at the sports and concert complex named after Karen Demirchyan. This venue hosts a wide array of events, including sports competitions, concerts, and exhibitions.

Regrettably, one day is but a brief glimpse. Nevertheless, it’s ample time to gather unforgettable experiences and become enchanted by the beauty of Yerevan.


Source:  AmTravel Tour Company