Armenia is famous for its good wine-makers and the tradition of wine-making preserved till nowadays. According to Biblical legend, winemaking dates back to the time, when Forefather Noah planted grape on the slope of Mount Ararat. Archeological examinations found nuclei of grapes in Armenia that come to prove that winemaking has history of centuries in Ararat Valley. Lots of tares and other winemaking equipment with grape nucleus have been found in the caves of Areni village.

On the 6th of October, 2012, there will be Areni Wine Festival in village Areni, south-eastern region Vayots Dzor. It has become a traditional Wine Festival yearly, when many people from all over Armenia come to Areni village to take part in it.
This is a wonderful occasion for wine-tasting. During Areni Wine Festival you can taste the best variety of Armenian wines that are highly valued by European consumers. The opening will start with bright and spectacular parade of the best wine-makers accompanied with singing and dancing.
In the frames of the Wine Festival there will be games for all ages, folk music, dances and theatre performances and of course wine, a lot of wine. Also there will be such contests as “Armenia in your eyes” best wine label contest, “Gold Keg” prize as the best wine among the wine-producers, “Homemade wine producers” contest and “The best souvenir of the festival”.