New Year is always the expectation of a miracle. And, of course, you often open miracles in unknown places…
Winter in Armenia can become a discovery for New Year’s holidays not only for local residents, but also for guests from even the most distant countries. And this means that Armenia can surprise, enchant, delight.  In a word,   nobody will feel indifferent…

So what is the magic of New Year in Armenia?

Well, in the first place, it is the weather. You walk and feel New Year’s mood, full of mysteries and unexpected surprises.

No doubt, the places that talk so much about themselves are the part of New Year in the country… These are the unique places of the universe where you want to dissolve and go far through the  time. Yerevan itself will give you a lot of new impressions. Swan Lake gathers around itself all the romantics. This place in the centre of the capital is becoming something special.

The Republic Square is the centre of the New Year’s bustle. It is impossible not to come here. Both the old and   the young are here! The city gives the mood of a miracle, creation and faith. And where does all this come together? Near the beautiful New Year tree,  which  attracts everybody with its furniture and grandeur.

After Yerevan it is worth going to Tsaghkadzor in winter to feel the contrast. The new aura is quite different here.  The cable car, cafes and restaurants with national dishes, but at the same time friends and the atmosphere of expecting a miracle… It is the New Year that will change your life so much.
New Year and new adventures are for you in the air. What can be more memorable?

The meaning of the New Year is not to get another year, but to find a new soul. New thoughts, new plans… And all this you will definitely succeed in Armenia.
New Year and Winter tours to Armenia