Going  on a trip is always tempting and attractive, and in winter is even more so…

The weather is wonderful, nature itself creates the appropriate mood. You want to merge with the nature and forget about everything that bore you, about everything that prevented your cheerful disposition of the spirit.

A trip to Jermuk is a mandatory beginning of a winter trip around Armenia. Jermuk in winter charges not only positive energy, but also fills the entire body with health.

In two and a half hours you will get from the capital of Armenia to a picturesque place named Jermuk.
It is very important to take into consideration  that in winter there is a special discount rate here! And how can we not use it?

In addition, you can spend time with pleasure on the ski slope. How much drive and emotion you get!
And, of course, you cannot leave Jermuk without tasting mineral water from famous sources.  When you are healthy, you are wealthy!

Those who like a quiet winter holiday  should visit Tsakhkadzor in winter.
New Year in Tsakhkadzor is an unforgettable event.
A ski trip, pleasant conversations, just hiking through the mountains in a relaxed atmosphere – all this will make your holiday special and unforgettable.

Winter in your imagination takes on completely different outlines.
Winter Tsakhkadzor captivates the greatness of the mountains and the unique air that motivates you to commit the most daring in your life deeds. And most importantly – you have the opportunity to taste local cuisine right in the bosom of nature, in the fresh air. 

Nature does not have bad weather, and sometimes we create weather ourselves when we plan our vacation or  plan just some days with people close to us.
Make your winter unique!

Fans of paragliding  in winter can make flights near Yeghvard. In winter, when the tranquil setting situation reigns around, flying a paraglider with a motor will seem just a real adventure in the air.
Spend this time of year in Armenia and you will discover an unknown world and new routes that, perhaps, will change your life. Of course, only for the better!