Yerevan 2800

This year in 2018 the capital of Armenia Yerevan is celebrating its 2800th anniversary. It is going to be fantastic in September.

Erebuni Yerevan history
In the 9th century, BC Urartu kingdom was formed on the territory of now-day Yerevan. Archaeologists state that there is a cuneiform inscription that indicates the date of the fortress of Erebuni founded in 782 BC by the orders of King Argishti I at the place of Yerevan, as a fortress.
Erebuni Yerevan Festival
In October 1968, the celebration of Erebuni Yerevan 2750th anniversary was held for the first time. There were a number of events which took place during this event: stamps “Erebuni” and “David of Sasun” were created, there were colourful souvenirs, greeting cards “Yerevan is 2750” during the festival.
Erebuni Yerevan 2800

This year, in 2018 Erebuni Yerevan is going to celebrate its 2800 anniversary. The date of the anniversary is September 29-30, the place where the festival is going to be held in every corner of Yerevan, especially the centre of Yerevan.
Yerevan 2800 celebration
The celebration of the 2800th birthday of Erebuni Yerevan is going to be on the highest level. Now when Armenia is free from oligarchs it is time to show the real creativity of Armenians and Yerevan 2800 celebration is a great chance. The details of the festival are unknown yet.
Yerevan 2800 logo

As every year, this year also there was a competition between creative artists who created their own version of Yerevan 2800 logo. The winners are the works created by “Teryan” cultural centre and “Factory” company.
Yerevan, a city older than Rome, attracts many tourists from all over the world. Come to Armenia and let’s discover the magic of this holy land together.