Armenians love feasts and celebrations, and they don’t miss out the chance to have as much fun as they can! If you are in Yerevan during summer, be sure to attend the Beer Festival. Organized by the Yerevan municipality, this event has gradually become a big deal and people look forward to it every year.


The festival is annually held in the heart of the capital Yerevan. Go near the Opera House and find the Swan Lake nearby. This is where all the fun begins! Check out the many booths of different beer brands and find your favorite one. Usually 10-12 different Armenian beer brands are represented in the area which gives the opportunity to choose from a wide collection and get to know the Armenian beer industry. Since Armenians love beer and especially drink the local brands, you will definitely find the match for your personal taste.


Held for already five consecutive years, the festival is the perfect event to be organized on a hot summer day. Though the dates might be different for each year, the festival is usually held one day that falls between August 15-20. This is the perfect opportunity to have a cold beer when the summer kicks in some of the hottest cities in Armenia.


The aim of the event is to create awareness among the public about the Armenian beer industry, what makes the brands so special, and bring every Armenian beer company under one roof for the day. The festival is also accompanied by a concert, different fun performances, and many fun competitions with awards. Each year, the event becomes more widely spread and the word goes through among the public. So, even if you are not intp beer, you can always find other activities during the festival, and still enjoy your time.
On a hot summer day, with all the fun events in Yerevan, don’t miss out your chance to participate in one of the most exciting festivals in the city. Becoming a bigger celebration each year, the Beer Festival attracts more and more travellers to Armenia and makes them interested in the Armenian beer industry. Book your visit to Yerevan and this festival with the Caucasus Holidays now!