Yerevan city tour
Yerevan, a city of pure love and devotion, a land ancient than Rome, is ready to welcome you and give you a bunch of emotions. There is so much to see and do in Yerevan!

Historical sights are breathtaking, monuments and buildings are amazing, people are willing to help and host you in their houses, smiling faces are everywhere…this is the real atmosphere is Yerevan and the whole Armenia.
We are proud to invite you to have a tour in Yerevan and see the mixture of old and new architecture.
Yerevan sightseeing
Yerevan is full of attractions and Yerevan city tour is a great chance to know the hidden places of Yerevan as well as the popular sightseeing. There is too much to see and do in Yerevan so you will need a guide, the one who knows Yerevan too close.
Yerevan walking tour
Walking in the streets of beautiful Yerevan will fill your heart with warmth and love towards Armenians and Armenian architecture. You can find many restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, shops and entertainment places everywhere.
Big bus tour Yerevan
There is a program organized by Yerevan Municipality which gives you a unique opportunity to travel along Yerevan on a big red bus. You can listen about history, culture, nature, architecture of Yerevan as there are headphones with a multilingual system.
Red Bus Tour Yerevan Working hours
The hours were chosen to avoid the traffic jam in Yerevan streets.
Yerevan City Tour with Ararat Tour
Yerevan City tour will be unforgettable with the professional staff of Ararat Tour – the leading Armenian Tour operator. You will have a fantastic chance to know more about Yerevan, to visit more places in Yerevan and to love Yerevan more and more.
Do not waste your time thinking of visiting Armenia, just come and enjoy your time!